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is anyone religious in 2022?

it seems like people aren’t. The news is all about the Russia and Ukraine war and murders and kidnapping and robberies and it was about coronavirus, doesn’t say much about religion as far as I have seen
Well you can say religion doesn’t stop people committing crimes and the media likes portraying certain religions negatively.

I would expect people not to be religious as time goes on (or belong to a religion).
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Happy Easter.
Of course these things still exist, bank holidays and festivals and time off to celebrate these festivals still exist and they probably always will but are people religious?
see it depends on how ppl choose to view me and my life choices. I believe in Jesus wholeheartedly and follow the bible. Still, I often steer away from the word 'religious', as I feel many confine the Christian religion to just attending Church once a week and hanging a cross on their neck, and being christened/baptized as a minimum. I feel like my faith is a deep relationship with Jesus rather a legalistic approach and Jesus himself did not agree with the religious leaders of the time. E.g. I don't believe in xmas or Easter as it is nowhere in the bible, my views on homosexuality and abortion are completely biblical (and controversial), whereas many have become 'progressive' Christians. However, there are still many Christians who follow the ritualistic approach or are religious. They may not really have any deep connection to the faith, but to them their religion is what they write on the job forms, just a 'label'. A lot of the other religions are largely ritualistic and law based, and their hope of heaven is dependent on fasting for a month for e.g.. I think though Christianity is the biggest religion, sadly it is declining, and overall there are more 'woke' atheist who completely dissociate from the idea of a God. I actually wrote my EPQ on this. There are still many religious ppl, but less so among the younger gen, or perhaps who are less confident on sharing their religion, so perhaps you can't see them. But they are there. Again religion is self re-defined by each person, you could describe me as religious if you liked.
But yh I am a Christian.

Original post by Anon346775
I love Jesus.

Happy Easter Sunday!
Well Happy Easter to you too

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