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'Greatest memory at secondary school' . **HELP ME**

So, year 11 is coming to an end soon, which means... YEARBOOK!!!!

Basically, all my year had a form to fill out, with name, questions like 'where do u see yourself in 10 yrs time?' , etc...

However, one of the questions that even after 2 weeks i still have no answer for is:

'What is your greatest memory at -school name- ?

This is annoying me because i cant think of anything that has been my best memory in the past 5 years. It's rlly stressing me out because i need to have an answer by the next 3 days!!!

I know it sounds trivial/stupid, but i just want to write something good.

What can i write here? (Before anyone suggests anything, please know that my school is very strict, they don't do ANY school trips, etc...)

Also, i've had like 3 diff friend groups over the years, so i don't really have any good memories with them. However, my school had a new building built 2 years ago, and we all moved into that , and so before the old one was destroyed, we wrote all over the walls- this was the memory my friends put, but i don't want to copy them :frown:

Are you in any activities/sports/music bands etc? It could be something like someone cracking a joke in class, scoring a goal... but of course you'll have your best moments, you just can't recall them now... Maybe think of anything that sounds personal to you if there's not much about spending time with people

for me my best memory is when the band teacher got late and my near prodigy musician friend played the piano and we all danced to it
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my fave memory was walking out the gate on the last day, no exaggeration.

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