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or spagity or pasta all the same to me so how do you cook it
I first put it in hotwater I dont add salt or oil just like it is,they when it's soft I take it out and boil it with the sauce and the cut chicken,then when pasta absorbs all of the sauce and turns red I turn off the oven
sauce is made of cut chicken to small cubes
black pepper,some kinda mixed stuff and chilli mixican mixture of peppers very tastey

so how do you make yours
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well gota ask my mom, or my flatmate or my boyfriend coz they normally cook that sorta stuff for me. i'm really bad when it comes to that sort of thing! lol - all i know is how to make the ready made junk when im in a rush! just boil the macoroni and when its soft rinse the water our and add the cheese powder and mix - and there u have it - ready made macandcheese altho its not nearly as good as my boyfriends chicken pasta and my moms veg pasta and my flatmates macoroni and spaghetti! oh i wish i knew how to cook....*runs off to find flatmate to teach her how to make SPECTACULAR spag/mac/pasta*
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