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Re-sit exams

I am currently completing my first year at swansea university. I have ucas offers from other universities to begin next year which are dependent on my first year grades. During the strike period we had an exam for one of my cancelled modules which i knew nothing about. many others missed this exam too and now I'm stuffed for that module. I was relying on doing the resit exam to achieve the necessary score which i need, however I had not previously realised that these exams take place in late august. Bear in mind that this module is a personal skills module which teaches things similar to PSE, (growth mindset, motivation, etc.) and has nothing directly to do with my course (Business Management). I am worried that i will not get my revised grade in time to receive my place at the Unis which i have applied for, or wether Re-sit grades are applicable in pushing my final grade to the required average which i need. Any advice would be greatly appreciated here as this is an irregular situation and i'm not sure what to do.
All you can do is contact the Admissions Office for each Uni, and explain the circumstances and ask about resit grades.
No-one here will be able to give you the answers.
Medicine at Swansea University
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Normally resits are marked quickly for the exam boards. You should know your resit mark in early Sept before joining the new uni course mid-late sept.

The only fly in the ointment is Swansea's policy on resits - from what I read resit marks are capped at 40% regardless of how well you do. "for Levels 5 and 6 the mark obtained will be capped at 40% (or 50% for Level 7 modules)"

I could be wrong so please talk to your tutor or department administrator.

This will impact your grade point average. If the new uni wants you to have an average score across all 120 credits at say 50% then I hope you have done well in the other modules to pull up your GPA.
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thankfully im level 4 so my re-sit shalln't be capped.

i just hope that the mark comes back in time to accept my further offer
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Will the questions for re-sit will be the same or different?

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