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American West Edexcel GCSE

For question 1 ‘explain two consequences of…’, how much are you supposed to write?
You will need to write a paragraph explaining what happened as a consequence of the event (with facts and figures). You should use phrases like 'led to' and 'meant that' to help focus on the consequences. Don't 'over-write' your answer to this question.
That’s what my friends said, and I get that, but what I don’t get is how to apply it to questions.

This is the question I’m stuck on: ‘explain two consequences of the Indian Removal Act’
I wrote…

One consequence of the Indian Removal Act was the forced migration of 46,000 Native Americans living in the East to move to lands west of the Mississippi River. This sudden removal greatly disrupted their lives as they were marched more than 1500km, with many dying of starvation and disease along the way.

Another consequence was the consolidation of the belief of superiority amongst the whites. Viewing the Native Americans as unworthy of the land that they would use for farming, the ability to remove them and force them to live elsewhere reinforced the ideology that they had more of a right to land than the Plains Indians did- and this belief fuelled the events leading up the ultimate destruction of their way of life.

How do I improve this to make it 8/8 markers
Can someone help me with this question???
A school has 200 pupils who study exactly one language.
The table shows the number of pupils who study each of these languages.

Language Number of pupils
French 70
Spanish 70
German 60
To carry out a survey, Mike used a stratified sample of 30 pupils according to the language they study.

Find the number of pupils studying French that should be in the sample.


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