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a level music revision

I am currently in year 13 studying music a-level through the eduqas exam board, and am wondering what methods other people have found helpful in the past or currently using for revision. There is such a small amount of past papers available and accessible for this exam boards course and so doing past papers is difficult to find. I also find that I end up just listening to pieces and don't know how to consolidate any information really about them. Especially with there being no 'set works' for the pop and rock side of the course its hard to just summarise a whole half a decade of music into information that I can go in and answer questions on.

If anyone has any good methods that works for them i'd appreciate it :smile:
I did Edexcel. My whole revision for Music A-Level was literally based off revision grids, flashcards, brain splurges and practice.

Revision Grids: Make a grid with the titles melody, harmony & tonality, rhythm & metre & tempo, structure, texture, instrumentation, and dynamics. In one colour, write everything that you can remember about the set work off the top of your head- not notes and not listening to it. Listen to it and repeat the process with a different colour pen- use what you can hear to add more information. Then open your score and get your notes out- add the details you missed into the grid. I did this for all my set works and each time I'd remember more and more. Another way of doing something similar is to play the set work and talk through all the key features that you can hear as you listen to it.

Flashcards: For wider listening and context.

Brain Splurges: I basically wrote down all of the wider listening and context points that I could remember in one colour and then added extra info that I missed using my notes in a different colour.

Practice: Do all the listening Qs and dictations that you can find either as a warm up exercise before you start your revision session or as a conclusion to your revision session. Also, if you can be bothered lmao, write or plan practice essays- what points would you make, what musical elements/features would you discuss, and what bits of context/wider listening would you include to back up each point? If you write any timed essays get your teacher to mark them.

If you're struggling to find resources like exam Qs, ask your teachers because they might have some available to give you. Also, you can write your own essay Qs- just pick a set work and 2-3 elements of music and boom: you've got an essay to write. I'm sure your teachers will be more than happy to mark any practice essays you do. For the pop and rock section, maybe make a timeline with all the key events and developments and a mind map with key bands/artists and their impact on music.

Good luck :smile:

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