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urgent help with german hwk

I have a homework to submit 90 words on my favourite festival in german for gcse, and i havent had time to do it. I struggle with thinking of what to write please can someone help me
- i have to say which festival i like eg: eid, christmas etc
and why i like it using different phrases and a festival i dont like and a past festival and future festival. Please helpppp
Do you need to include all tenses? Start of by saying what you celebrate and how you celebrate it. I did German for both gcse and a level so I’ll include what you can write below. Just include what you do on the festival and why you like it.

Hallo, ich heiße x und ich feiere Weihnachten. Ich liebe dieses Festival, weil ich Zeit mit meiner Familie verbringe und leckeres Essen esse. Letztes Jahr hat es so viel Spaß gemacht, weil ich viele Geschenke hatte und zu meiner Großmutter ging, weil sie weit weg lebt.

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