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biology essay

hey all

i’m in y12 and i need to research and write an essay titled ‘connections’ relating to biological science- any suggestions of interesting/ current topics that would relate to this?

I was thinking something relating to cell signalling or something more cellular/ molecular/genetics oriented but idk!

any suggestions? :smile:
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I did something similar (albeit a few years ago now) - it was on the importance of DNA sequence, linking to protein synthesis and the importance of the structure of proteins, focusing on haemoglobin...
I once wrote a science essay on what really happens in a commercial kitchen. I went to a few restaurants and pubs in town in order to find out a little more about what occurs and made brief summary notes. Other fun topics include weather prediction systems and how to look after a pool at home too. You could even try to do a interesting essay on the science behind vaccinations or animals etc. Science museums are a really good place to visit to discover more. Yet more science essay topics to pick from here include the life of lighthouses and so on. Have a look closely at a few good topics online for a start. Find the one that ultimately appeals. Write a short essay outline and take it from there. Develop it as you can fully and possibly use photos.
makes me think of nervous system

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