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ANY STD clinic

Hello, does anyone know a good STD clinic in soho open on Sunday ?
Have you checked out Sexual Health London?
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Am looking for a non NHS one
I would suggest searching 'soho private sexual health clinic' and choosing the best one for you.
Hi there,

You can use our Find A Service Tool to find a local service near you: All sexual health services are free on the NHS but might have differing opening times. If someone needed an urgent service, such as emergency contraception, you should be able to purchase these from a commercial pharmacy such as Boots or Superdrug. Additionally, you can use the service mentioned above - Sexual Health London: to receive a free STI kit to take at home. Please note that you must wait 2 weeks to get reliable chlamydia and gonorrhoea results, and 6-8 weeks for reliable HIV and syphilis testing.


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