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Msc Economics/Finance???

Hello all!
I am interested in studying economics at a postgrad level, now that I would have completed my undergrad from a target uni in my country [no.1 or 2] in May this year. I have applied to masters program at a number of institutions. However, I need your advice to make a selection now that i have received offers.
My preference is to complete a PhD in Finance from USA after my masters, and to pursue a research career, be it in academia or industry. My inclination is towards the course content and research potential of the program, rather than student life/experiences. I can compromise on that front.
So far, I have achieved 84% in my undergrad in economics, and subsequently received offers from Nottingham, Edinburgh, Bristol, Durham, QMUL, Kings, Exeter and waiting to hear back from LSE, UCL, Warwick and Imperial. Any input would be much appreciated. @BenRyan99 plzz comment.. and since I am new to this forum, any kind of help would mean a lot for me.
Hey, thanks for the prompt reply. I completely agree with you regarding your side of rankings. I applied to economics and finance program in both KCL and Imperial. I hope I’d get accepted in tier 1, otherwise planning to accept offer from Nottingham as it is highly regarded in economics postgrad. How are the job prospects coming from tier 2 unis if i want to train work exp before phd? Also, if you don’t mind me asking, which course and in which university are you currently in?
Thanks again. Cheers

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