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Yr12 Mocks in July

Hello guys! I need some help and guidance asap!!

I’m doing Eng Lit, Hist, Psych and I’ll be starting my EPQ next week. I need a concise plan on how I should revise and split my time. I’m aiming for A* A* A.

So far, I’ve made digital flashcards for Psychology and for History-ish. I have some cards I need to make for History. However I’ve made nothing for English Lit. How should I revise for English Lit?

How often should I review these flashcards and for how long since my exams are in two months??

I need some in depth advise!!
Hello, first things first- dont panic!
You still have time!
I take it you have all of summer to work on your EPQ? (If this is wrong, correct me). If thats the case, i would still work on it, but dont make it your number one priority right now, just build on it little and often.

As far as the flashcards go, i would say that really all depends. I would prioritise the flashcards depending on how much you understand a topic. Revisit the topics you dont understand more often so you get a better grasp on them. Make sure you also practice some past paper questions too, as these can be highly beneficial when used correctly!
Hi guys,ive got my mocks in like 2 weeks and I cant find any mock past papers if that's a thing and I was wondering if anyone new where to find any or even what to revise specifically as I take eng lit, philo and business. thank youu

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