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its never too late to start studying! (some motivation)

the thing is i keep seeing posts of people asking "is it too late to revise for an A*" and questions like that. the thing it's never too late. you can get amazing grades as long as you believe in yourself and also put the work in for it. don't let people who say that it's impossible demotivate you from revising.

i remember i once asked on tsr how to do my computing project with only 2 months left. people were telling me it's basically impossible to do it that quick (i had barely any knowledge of programming aswell). anyway fastforward, i was an idiot obviously and felt completely demotivated, and left it till 3 weeks before it was due. i then starting working my butt off, finished my whole project and did more than i thought, and my teacher also said he was impressed with it when he saw it (last time he saw my project i did like 2 pages lol)

anyways i was convinced i was gonna do terrible in my project and that showed me that as long as you put your mind to it and try hard you CAN get stuff done and do good. i went from a grades around Ds to Bs from just revising hard 1-2 weeks before my mocks, and i know that I can get As and A*'s for my a level exams as long as i try hard enough.

i went from thinking that there was no point since i was extremely behind, and was convinced i would have to retake them, to now revising hard and being motivated. i just wanted to say this to anyone whose struggling with motivation or stressing due to the exams being soon.

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