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tips for English
Original post by Tatiana4040
tips for English

Hi there

@PinkMobilePhone may be able to help :smile:
Original post by Tatiana4040
tips for English


i got a 9 in IGCSE English language, but i’m not sure whether you mean literature or language !! either way i would say to make sure you learn all your annotations well, youtube is a great place to find extra analysis you may not have thought of.

then try doing a timed past paper each week, and hand it in to your teacher to mark as it’s quite hard to mark english papers yourself 😂 then try setting yourself 3 targets // things you want to try incorporate into your next paper based on feedback, e.g using a wider range of language devices or taking an extra 5 minutes to read the text properly and highlight with annotations before you start.

Which English IGCSE are you doing?
CIE or Edexcel?
Language A, Language B, or Literature?

My daughter has done Edexcel Language B, and is currently doing Edexcel Lit, so I could maybe help with those.

I don't know anything about Edexcel Language A, or CIE though.

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