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Hi. Could you advise how to help with German speaking?
hey! i literally had mine this morning. my german course is edexcel but might help if ur doing another exam board
you should talk to your teacher but heres a few things i found out

there are 5 themes and for the general conversation you get to choose the first topic then your teacher gets a choice of 2 other themes they'll choose between and (since they want you to get the highest grade) possible theyll (hopefully) choose the easier theme - so if global warming (theme 5) was one option and school (theme 1) was the other then they should hopefully choose theme 1 for you. this made it easier for me as i only learn key words for global warming instead of preparing whole answers because i was almost certain it wouldnt come up in gen conversation

I chose identity and culture as my theme and cultural life as the specific topic as i find it easiest and this made it easier to work out which themes would come up in my test. Since identity and culture is such a big topic it removed the possibilty of any small aspects of it coming up on the roleplay or picture card and focussed on the bits i actually knew and revised the most.

a general exam tip is to just try to have a normal conversation. you get marked on how well you can communicate with the examier as if it is a normal conversation so try not to have montonal speech and instead talk with more emphasise? if u get what i mean

everyone gets nervous for the exam and it might make u perform slightly worse but thats the same for everyone apart from lpeople that r literally german but thats like oh well

I found it hard to revise for the speaking but i know opinions help get into the top grades so yesterday i learnt as many different words i could like ausgezeichnet and schrecklich to make more complex sentences and have different opinions so its like more broad vocab

another thing is just remember ur grammar rules like a sentence after weil sends the verb to the end so if ur saying like "ich hasse fussball weil es schwierig ist" the ist goes to the end.

hope this helps??
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Hi. Could you advise how to help with German speaking?

Flashcards! Write your answers to general questions and memorise.

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