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Build your own world with this atmospheric playlist (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

The Sims franchise is a good one, I always liked the build and buy music from those games. :biggrin: I'm going to have to go earlier than the 4th game for my own pick though, as the soundtrack of the original just fills me with so much nostalgia.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this episode, and/or your own favourite tracks from sandbox games!
Gameplay time. :yay: I'm quite looking forward to this one, a few good games and franchises in the lineup, whose music I know I'm going to like!
The Sims 4 - Circle: Pleasant, though as I say, the first three games are more my era.

EVE Online - Merchants, Looters and Ghosts: Fascinating game, this one; I've never played it, but the stories are enough for me! Music is nice, synthy goodness.

Elite Dangerous - Frameshift Suite first movement - Andromeda: Similar sci-fi vibe, but more orchestral.

No Man's Sky - Borealis/Contrastellar: Another infamous game; track was interesting, made me feel uneasy.

Red Dead Redemption II - Blood Feuds, Ancient And Modern: Rockstar time; doubt my PC could run this, but I've enjoyed watching others mess about with it on YouTube. Western soundtrack could only be good.

Grand Theft Auto IV - Soviet Connection: :ditto: See above, except less Western. :p:

Hitman Contracts - White Room and Main Title: I need to play one of the Hitman games one day, they really appeal to me. I'm too busy gushing over the game choices this week to focus on the music. :colondollar: This track was awesome though, love a good bit of dramatic chanting.

Minecraft: Caves and Cliffs - An Ordinary Day: Minecraft YES.

Mount and Blade - Scherzo: Jarring transition from relaxing, ambient Minecraft BGM to dramatic battle music! Certainly woke me up. Fun tune.

Crusader Kings 3 - The Dynasty: Sticking with the medieval theme; definitely a lot of the same sounds I know and love from CK2 here, but turned up to 11.

New World - A New World: Perhaps the title I'm least familiar with here, great soundtrack though.

Cities Skylines - Fiesta Siesta: Elevator music, but better. Wouldn't have sounded out of place in The Sims, TBH.

God-tier episode, as I hoped. :congrats:

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