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Cass (MSc REI) or Henley (MSc Investment management)

Hi, I'm an international student from Asia and received 2 offers:

Cass business school (MSc Real estate Investment)
Henely business school (MSc Investment management)

As I'm migrating to the UK, I would like to develop my career in UK's finance field and use the MSc to build connections and equip myself to find a job in London.

Per my research, I understand both business school has their competitive advantages and I could use some opinion from anyone.

Ranking in terms of business school: Cass 23 vs Henley 34
Reading University Henley business school also do MSc real estate investment and finance. That is ranked the best in the UK along with Cambridge Mphil real estate finance.

Have friends been from both courses working from real estate development to real estate fund management to real estate private equity - worked globally from US, Asia to Europe. The Henley course is supposed to be better real world training with good blend of practical and theory. Cambridge is a little over academic but been Cambridge you get that global brand plus excellent for real estate private equity etc. Both are well known in Europe and Asia as leading real estate courses.

Both will get you to where you want depending on niche in real estate, but would only take Cass if you can not get into one of those two.
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