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I hate myself because of my penis

I’m 16. Around 175-177cm tall , above average in my country even tho i’m really insecure about my height . I weight around 67kg but started losing weight and doing sports recently. This starts a long time ago , when i was around 14 . I noticed how different my penis was from any other guy in a porn video i ever watched. They all had foreskin and a “******** while i was looking at mine not being able to tell which was the foresking and the head , thinking somehow i was circumcised. 2 years later i find out how wrong i actually was . I started noticing some white spots around my penis (and on ) and general private area . I noticed my penis literally didn’t grow in over a year and it was the exact same size . The thing about my penis is it literally doesn’t look like any other penis . While not erect is looks exactly like a baby’s penis when he s born . If you google a picture that’s literally what my penis looks like at 16. When erect, it is not bigger then 13-14cm max ( which is a little more then average i think in my country ) but yet again a totally different penis then any other i have ever seen. It’s not your typical penis , quite large or long or anything . it’s literally skinny and my foreskin covers my penis head so much i literally cant see . The first time i saw my penis head was when i was 15 nearly 16 , first time i actually pulled a little of my forehead was when i was 16 but it felt way to weird and uncomfortable for me to continue , in fact so uncomfortable my penis stopped being erect . I can’t bring myself to pull my foreskin , my penis looks way to different and not developed for a 16 year old at all. I also don’t have any beard , chest hair or anything else , not even a mustache barely . I literally hate myself for the way it looks and it has affected my private life so much i couldn’t get myself to get a girlfriend and cried myself nights to sleep . I’m very insecure about it I feel too ashamed to ask my parents to get me to a doctor , how do i even ask them something like that ? please someone help
You are old enough to go to the doctor without your perants permission they don't even need to know.

You severely need education on what is normal and how your anatomy works. You have a unrealistic idea of what a penis should look like not what they do look like, just wait until you learn the variety of vulvas that exist. We are all unique and you need to accept that's how you are. Your penis doesn't really grow in the sense, at least not substantialy. And you still have many years to go fully through puberty, I know 20 year olds who barely have any hair on their face and chest. The baby's penis thing is exactly what most look like, it's called being a grower, when not erect it's relatively small but 'grows' to its true length with an erection. The other type are showers, where it maintains roughly the same size unerect as erect. Growers are more common, so you are normal. You need to retract your foreskin to clean it but if it's painful then you should talk to a doctor about that.
1. Why did you search up a baby's penis?
2. How do you clean your penis properly if the first time you retracted your foreskin was less than a year ago, and you can't bring yourself to do it?
3. Penises in porn are almost always erect or semi-erect.
4. Haven't heard of the white spots. Only know of tan lines. Apparently, it's generally harmless. If you get worried, maybe go to a doctor about that. Rest is fine.
Yeh honestly if you can’t clean under your foreskin you have to see a doctor pronto
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You have a need for circumcision. Get it done don't wait!
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No matter what man don’t compare yourself to others, compare yourself to who you were yesterday.. first go to the doctor and go through all your options with him.. trust me man doctors are absolute ballers, they don’t give a **** about your penis, they just want to help you as best they can. Second, focus on the rest of your body! Don’t do steroids, but start doing some light cardio and pump some fckn iron.. if you really at the level of hating yourself for your problem then prove it and commit to being a true fckn man and explode your body. Literally any guy can get absolutely jacked, most are just lacking a problem scary enough to motivate them to commit.. not you tho! Before you know it you’ll have all the broads at your gym thinkin you have a subway sandwich under your shorts. Nah but fr, lifting and cardio truly does make you feel incredible and will become a hobby/lifestyle. This is important because you must stop watching and consuming porn and Snapchat/Twitter sluts and all of the toxicity and the gym/ working out will fill that void perfectly. As for potential/future girlfriends/wife.. focus on finding the “one” and when you do tell her the trusts and thst you are amazing with your fingers and tongue! If she not about it and your really think shes the one, then yall just agree to find some average dude who can make her nut once every month or 3, something like that. That’s true love.. she stayin w you regardless of your problem and you let her get her nut in return.. just make sure she ain’t seeing different dudes all the time, or the sex is becoming closer to making love. Both of which would defeat the purpose.
Anyway man just don’t let life get to too down no matter what! Wish you the best

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