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Welcome to the Student Surveys and research forum. This forum is for students to ask for people to get in touch to help with their research and dissertation surveys.

All research requests and surveys by students for school/sixth form college/undergraduate and postgraduate research is welcome to be posted here.

Feel free to get involved in the Survey Exchange, and take some time to help out others by completing their surveys too.

Research posted in this section should only be for online surveys/questionnaires.

The link to the survey itself must be provided in the thread, along with the following information
  • A brief explanation of what the survey is about – particularly important if the content is of a sensitive nature/may cause upset
  • An explanation of why you’re doing the survey – e.g. is it for a GCSE/BTEC/A level/university degree/etc project and what subject it’s for
  • When the survey close date is – so people aren’t completing the survey after its closed

You may not collect any contact information of any kind (name, email, address, phone numbers etc) for any reason.

Please DO NOT offer any incentives/prize draws for completing the survey as these necessitate collecting contact data.

You may not recruit to follow-up research via the survey.

Please do not invite respondents to contact you other than to reply to your post on the forum

Please think carefully about your survey questions and in particular any questions of a sensitive nature. Only collect the information you need to collect for your research. Ideally any questions which collect sensitive information should be optional.

Not allowed
Recruiting to any form of research that isn’t an online survey including any qualitative research e.g. by providing links or information to recruit research participants to online or face to face focus groups (or any variations of these e.g. group discussions, workshops, co-creation sessions etc) or depth interviews or any other similar research etc.

Commercial research of any kind, this includes teachers, academics or other teams at universities seeking to research young people/prospective students.

Postgraduate or PhD studies where the research is funded are also considered commercial research. Please email [email protected] to discuss commercial research projects with our team.

Good luck with your surveys and happy posting!
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