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I need fellow football/formula 1 girls

HIIII QUEENS,Ok, so I am quite new to watching Formula One bc I am absolutely obsessed with Drive to Survive and I just started watching the races this season (2022). My favourite race so far has to be the Imola GP, because holy **** I did not expect those turn of events. I am talking about Riccardo crashing into Sainz at the the beginning and having to change the tyres THREE times (yes three!) and Leclerc (bless his soul) having his head in his hands after the race after that really unfortunate crash into the barriers. Lando Norris definitely deserved that podium place though and I just absolutely adore his radio checks and the way he pops the champagne at the podium- wow, wow, wow. I felt so bad for Russell and Hamilton for having the undriveable cars that Mercedes gave both of them, especially considering how much Hamilton was on a high last season. I think the winner of the race is truly deserved by Max Verstappen though, so hats off to him.I am also a huge HUGE football fan, Premier League and International only though. I adore watching the title race between Man City and Liverpool, both of them are definitely the best teams in the world. The relegation battle this season is so tight as well- I do hope Everton avoid relegation because I love watching the Merseyside Derbies and will miss that next season if they face the drop. MY POINT IS I NEED OTHER GIRLS WHO ARE INTERESTED IN FOOTBALL/F1 BECAUSE IT IS REALLY ANNOYING TO BE CONSTANTLY SURROUNDED BY GUYS WHO SAY

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