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are linux based OS good for developing/coding?

i dont feel its justified to pay for using an OS anymore when there are free alternatives out there like Ubuntu and CentOS.

But i wonder if these free OS are ok for coding. for example, android is free but good luck using android for any developing work.

I mostly do web developing , i dont doubt that their browser can read javascript, but i am wondering like will python interpreter and PHP compiler run on linux based OS? Will it be an inferior experience compare to window?
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I use Linux, and it’s great for developing.
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Linux is the best OS for web coding.

Linux is also best for web hosting. For example, Google runs Linux on their web servers.

I love the industrial strength open source - and therefore totally free - software that you get in the Linux world in 2022.
Yes, that's why Raspberry Pi Raspbian OS is based off Linux's Debian OS.
I've heard glowing praise about Linux as an OS for coding, especially web development. In fact, it's more popular than Windows and Mac for web hosting.
I prefer linux for development- mostly because most distros come with the tools for development as standard (e.g. python) and linux in my mind is much more customisable than Windows or Mac.
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