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Warwick or Gap Year for Oxford/LSE PPE

After applying for 2022 entry I was offered a place by Warwick but rejected by LSE and Oxford to study PPE. I'm predicted 3 A*s and always aimed to go to Oxford or LSE. There are a few other nuances since I've been in the UK for 4 years and after another, I may be eligible to pay home fees. My options are either go to Warwick and pay international fees or take a gap year and reapply to all three unis for 2023 entry with no certainty that I get to pay home fees but the possibility of getting into LSE or Oxford. Any advice?
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Depends how inconvenient a year out feels for you.

Also depends how big the financial implications are for you/ whoever is paying fees. International is 3x I think? So personally I would be tempted to wait, though I'm doubtful this would change outcomes for LSE/ Oxford but I guess there is a chance
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Those are factors I definitely need to think about. I've applied for work apprenticeships and experience to do over the gap year, would this aid my chances if I reapply? Also, do you think there's a significant advantage if you go to Oxford or LSE over Warwick?
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I imagine it could help but grades will probably be most important, i.e. if you don't get the predicted 3 A*s/ A*A*A might be a weaker application as unis typically don't like resits without extenuating circumstances.

Annoyingly vague but I think it depends on what you mean by "advantage". For top jobs / further study I imagine it might help. However, have to balance this against a) Cohort at each uni (e.g. Maybe you would struggle for a 2:1 at Oxford but cruise it at Warwick)

b) Impact of overall experience, perhaps you know as a person you would prefer to be in a city vs campus in which case likely to enjoy LSE & Oxford more. This is a good enough reason to wait alone but would also likely improve grade/ motivation for job or further study applications

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