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Do protein shakes work? Does it matter which one you buy?

I've been trying out protein shakes after going to the gym for a while now I feel like they might be working, but I don't know what it would normally feel like as a regular gym goer without drinking protein shakes after so I have nothing to base that on. I also don't know if there is any reason to buy specific shakes? Right now I'm going for Blue lab whey protein powder. Protein is pretty expensive and I just wanna know that I'm getting the best bang for my buck? Anybody have any advice or opinions?
Define 'working'.

Buy the cheapest one you have access to that just has whey protein and sweeteners/additives, check out myprotein and bulkpowders.
If by "working" you mean getting protein, then yes they work. If you mean consuming them for the sake of it, then you don't need them. You can get protein from other sources.
They work in the same way chicken works. They aren't magic potions.
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They work in the same way chicken works. They aren't magic potions.

Agreed. Think of protein shakes as powdered food which are rich in protein. In fact, protein from whole foods like chicken is superior in some ways. It will come with additional micronutrients which are lost in the process where whey is separated from milk. So you should try and get most of your protein from whole foods if you can, but shakes can be useful if you have a busy lifestyle, or a small appetite, as they are very quick and convenient to consume.
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Yes, protein shakes can work as they are made from protein powder which is a popular nutritional supplement. But in what intake quantity that depends on one's body. But it is advisable not to only depend on this because it will not fully replace health benefits which are getting from veggies and fruits. First you should understand what your body needs. It needs not only protein but also vitamins, calories, fats. And also not to consume too much of protein.
Protein shakes do work, it's basically just powdered protein. It comes in forms like whey and casein from milk however with protein shakes, you are missing a lot of essential micronutrients so I only tend to really have them when I need a bit of extra protein that day. I always go for the lower calorie, low fat and high protein protein powders. I've tried a few but at the moment I have Optimum Nutrition whey which is great and I also have the Bulk powders clear whey. You'll just have to have a look around and see which brand you like, I've heard Per4m protein powders are meant to be really good as well. it's a bit of trial and error really.
MyProtein are the nicest ones in my opinion, I have the clear ones that taste just like cordial. If you were to not have them you would still make progress just not as fast.

They aren't a must have many people have built up muscle by making sure they get enough protein in their diet, it depends what works best for you in your day to day life.

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