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english lit NEA book recs please!!

Hello! I need to choose 2 books, one pre 1900 and one post 1900 to compare for my english lit nea.

So far im thinking of the themes:

presentation of women
presentation of social class

so if you have any books you'd recommend for either of those themes, please do drop them as they'd be greatly appreciated (or if you have any other burning recommendations for any other themes then please do drop those as im open to changing my theme)

kind regards <3
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Have a look at Angela Carter The Bloody Chamber - it has loads of short stories which concern the presentation of women :smile:
For Pre 1900 - Maybe Chaucers Canterbury Tale, looking at The Wife of Bath or The Merchant’s Tale (poetry so check if this fits with your exam board)?
Duchess of Malfi is also a good one if you want to consider both social class and presentation of women as those are two key themes - however it is a play, so you may need to check if this is acceptable for your exam board.
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