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Elastic collisions (A level physics)

I am confused with a question about elastic collisions. Origionally the question had two trucks which collided in an inelastic collision.
'Explain without any calculation, how the motion of the trucks immediately after the collision would be different for a collision that is perfectly elastic.'
In the mark scheme it says
'Momentum of truck B after the collision is the same as that of truck A before the collision and vice versa' but I am not sure why momentum would be swapped in an elastic collision?
Send the full question and answer please

The following answer in the MS:

"Momentum of B after collision is same as that of A before the collision"

does not seem to be good.

The statement is good unless both A and B have the same mass.
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Late reply, but me and my class went through this with our physics teacher, and he didn't agree with the mark scheme. Seems to be a mistake on the examiner's part that has been left unchanged.

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