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Medicine in hungary or poland ?

Which is better for medicine among Semmelweis University, Hungary or University of Wroclaw or Lodz, Poland?
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Fantastic to hear you're considering a career in medicine!

While it's difficult to definitively state which university is the "best" as it largely depends on individual preferences, both Semmelweis University in Hungary and the universities in Poland have strong programs for medicine.

Semmelweis University is well-known for its medical program, and it has a good international reputation. Many students are drawn to it for its English-taught medical courses and its location in Budapest, a city rich in history and culture.

On the other hand, the University of Wroclaw and the University of Lodz in Poland also have well-regarded medical programs. They are particularly known for their practical clinical training and modern facilities. In addition, living in Poland could be a different cultural experience which you may find enriching.

Ultimately, the choice might come down to your personal considerations like:
Would you prefer the city of Budapest? I have been there 5 years ago and liked it. It came across as a big party city with lots of English tourists

Are there any social media groups? Would be worth asking current students.

The choice of university can indeed be a tough one, as there are so many factors to consider!

Take care! 😊
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Choosing between Semmelweis University in Hungary and the medical universities in Poland, like the University of Wroclaw and the University of Lodz, can be tough since they all have good programs; it depends on what you prefer and what feels right for you! 😊

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