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Is starting uni again after failing degree worth it

So I’m currently in final studying languages and business. I messed up when I was picking my degree I know that now, I don’t see myself working in a business environment at all. 1st and 2nd year were alright in terms of grades however it wasn’t the best I could of done. I was supposed to spend my 3rd year abroad to build my Spanish language skills but due to COVID that was canceled. Therefore this year I have done really badly in the Spanish side of my degree and not the best in the business modules. I know I have failed. I have finished my final exams however is it possible to still withdraw from uni, is it worth it? I recognize I wasted 4 years of my life but i didn’t realize I never wanted a career in this field. I was depressed and unmotivated but I didn’t realize I just thought I was burnt out. I’ve been dealing with stress at home with family and that didn’t really help. With all these issues in my mind it became hard prioritize university. I started to deal with a lot of brain fog too it’s become so hard to process simple information. I didn’t my fail my degree because it was too hard. Anyway I finally know what I want to be which is a dietician and the only way to peruse it I believe is through uni. I want to take a year off and work and focus on my mental health. I want to eventually go back to uni and study but I’ll be 23 by then. I know I’m a massive failure and recognize my wrongs but I don’t want to give up. Also shall I withdraw from uni this late or wait for their response? Will I entitled to the SFE tuition loan if I don’t receive a degree? Sorry for the lengthy post, any advice will do!
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I have finished my final exams however is it possible to still withdraw from uni, is it worth it?

Perhaps I've missed something, but what would the point of withdrawing after your final exams?

Although you say, "I know I have failed", perhaps you haven't - perhaps you've just scraped through. Even though you now want to retrain as a dietitian, isn't there value in having a "languages and business" degree too - especially if doing nothing (i.e. not withdrawing) might get you that degree?

As to your question about student finance if you opt to withdraw or fail, I don't know. I suggest you ask in the Ask Student Finance England forum, as you'll get an answer from SFE themselves that way.
One question to ask is, "what course/uni will I be able to attend after dropping out?". IE. Will it be worth the time and money of doing a second degree if you can only go somewhere lower ranked, or a less competitive course.

In a lot of cases, I imagine the answer is no, and you'd be better completing your studies, (retaking if necessary), and moving on with whatever classification you end up with. Lot's of grad schemes and grad roles don't require a specific subject.

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