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Is Med School Worth It for Me?

Hey all, first post here. Nice to meet everyone! 👋 😊

I'll make this as short as I can because otherwise I could write an essay: 😅

I'm at a cross-roads, recently medically barred from military entry, and now seeking to head straight into my long-term career goals of healthcare (specifically nutrition);

I will NOT become a BDA Dietician - I intend to study Functional Nutrition and later Functional Medicine and create my own practice for this. I won't get into why, but the BDA Nutrition Guidelines highly limit practitioners and are based on falsified, dogmatic, or weak epidemiology-founded (or conflict of interest-ridden) "recommendations" that are counterproductive for progress and best client outcomes in the field;

I would still love to gain the scientific knowledge and job opportunities open to healthcare professionals, and I am genuinely compassionate and entering this field to help others;

Honestly, my life goals and personal circumstances don't align with the most high-stress and unhealthy specialisations (burnout is undoubtedly a massive problem), though I respect all those who do work I such fields;

I'm about to turn 21 and would have to do an Access to Science or Access to Medicine Diploma first before making a med school application... So basically I'm late (Big concern of mine)...;

Gastroenterology, Endocrinology, GP, or Psychology interest me most as they are all areas highly affected by Nutrition and overall lifestyle, which is what I want to focus on to help people;

The debt is scary. The job aspects aren't. The pathway seems extremely rewarding (academically, personally, and monetarily);

I would like to work online or abroad in AUS 🇦🇺, NZ 🇳🇿, or SP 🇪🇸 in the future;

I would definitely consider military medical or reserves later once I'm over my current condition still.

In short, for UK med school students, am I too late? Is the debt worth it for you? Is the lifestyle justified for you or too stressful to recommend? Also, are the specialisations I mentioned recommended at all for the prospects and lifestyle and ability to help people, or do you have any knowledge or experience of these fields specifically? Finally, what's it like trying to earn a living or survive during your studies as they progress?

Truly, all advice and info will be wholeheartedly appreciated and I have a lot of respect for all med students and experienced professionals in this industry.

Thank you so much for advance. 🙏 Have a nice day!

Best Regards,

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