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What mark would you give this? Question 2 English Language AQA

Turn on the writer the writer the writers use of Onomatopoeia of the "waves lapped" and boats "clicked" and loon "called" presents the strangely few sounds he hears, implying the strange eerie silence which although may seem normal envokes mystery by suggesting something unsettling is happening although the silent setting. This may connotethat even nature is trying to hide the Evil That occurs secretly within the town

Furthermore the Stones "glittering faintly in the darkness" further amplifies this connotation of nature hiding their sins as "glittering" maybe implied to be a distraction and lure like that of fairy tales like Aladdin, away or perhaps to the true danger occurring within the setting

additionally the personification of the glaring window "staring" like an "unblinking eye" implies that overpowering sense of light, using it's power to intimidate the surroundings. This connotation may even be religious even alluding to the devil himself, perhaps implies the sense of devil invoked sin occurring secretly through the setting.
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