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Does anyone who did AQA A level psychology have any tips for what I should be doing and how I should be structuring my revision right now because I only have one week left to go until my Paper 1 exam
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hello fellow psychology student!
Currently also have a panic about how close the exams are, but I'm just about managing.

Firstly ive been trying not to overwhelm my self with content (there's an absolute ton) so I've been strictly focusing my revision on paper 1, and obviously using the advanced information (so useful!) to help me break down different topics.
The main revision methods i have been using is:
- blurting: just tryna write down everything i know - then highlight the gaps and revising them (quizlet or just reading through notes/textbook)
Then i repeat, repeat and REPEAT (depends on how much time you wanna spend on it, i can imagine you have got loads of other stuff to be revsing for) and see how much i improve. (i usually do these in the form of mindmaps, but ultimately its up to you how you do it)
Ive found this method quite helpful because we know which topics areas coming up so i have been structuring it like Ao1 of topic (initially quite brief, but i come back to add detail later) then three ao3 point needed for the evaluation.
Sometimes i do this with a friend or family member and ultimately trying to memorise as much to the extent that i can recall things off the top of my head.

- teaching: i guess this is more for topics you are more knowledgable on and you just want to consolidate stuff, like just grab an unwilling friend or family member and just have a rant about the multi store memory model, or Bowlbys monotropic theory, depends on what ya fancy
This way you are ultimatley the expert here and confirming what you know.
Similar to this, if you have a friend who also takes psychology you can set yourselves a topic and bounce off each other teaching one another about the topic - useful for filling in gaps and stuff like that

- past papers: this one is good for finding out what type of questions to expect and how they will be asked. Obviously not every question will be straight up asking you the deifniton of things so becoming aware of how some things can be worded is good.
Also good for practisng those pesky 16 markers and if you cant be bothered i'd just plan them out. Looking at past papers as well have made me realise how much research methods come up in all three papers so be prepared for that one! (i hate stat tests with a burning passion)

- quizlets/flashcards: this one i find to be the lesser effective, but perhaps on an evening you have had a long day, or youve come home late (because we still all somehow have social lives). Just a quick flip through a set or two just to retrieve your knowledge and give yourself a bit of a reminder.
As the teachers at my school say "keeping your learning warm", which quite frankly just sounds a bit gross.
This is also useful for last minute stuff, right before the exam just quickly going through stuff.

- using the advanced information: now this isnt exactly a revsion methods per se, but it is very useful on how to structure my revision. Take advantage of it as much as you can. Honestly id be so lost and having an absolute mare rn if it wasnt for the adv info.

These are just a few of the things ive been doing. Our timetables collapse on the 23rd of May so use the contact time with teachers to the best of your ability, that may sounds pretty obvious but its there.

After your paper 1, ultimately alter this to paper 2 content and paper 3 etc, they have been decent enough to give a fair gap inbetween each exam, however i do realise i having another 5 exams to be revising for and im sure you have some too, but we move...

ANywayyyyy, I hope you found something among this useful and i wish you the very best for you exams!!! Good Luck!!

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