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Masters in Marketing in England

Hello everyone,

I am a 22 year old Indian who graduated last year (2021 July) from Delhi University, India. I have since worked full time for a period of 6 months and now I am planning to pursue Masters in Marketing from England.

I have done my research and what I have been advised is not to select colleges solely based on Rankings. However, I am also on a tight budget and would also like to understand what are my chances of getting a scholarship/academic aid. I am willing to work part time jobs as well in order to support my own living expenses.

I am posting here to understand what my next steps should be and how do I shortlist colleges based on following criteria and how do I apply for Scholarship.

1. Not very expensive (up to 25000 Euros College Fees excl Scholarships)
2. Availability of part time jobs
4. Student experience
4. Rankings
5. Accommodation, location
6. Careers outcomes.

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