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PTTP Buttercups

hi there!!!!

is anyone else on the Pharmacy technician training programme. Would be nice to chat to some other trainees!
Hi, yes I’m doing the buttercup training pharmacy technician course. I’ve done the enrolment forms but I’m not worried for the assessments now because it’s been over a year since I did my GCSE’s. Any tips if you have done it already?
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The assessments were a bit daunting I found but it had been a lot longer since I did my GCSE's!!! One thing I would suggest is doing a refresher on the BBC Bitesize website, especially for the maths and the science! Good luck!!
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Hi guys
Hello, I'm doing buttercups. I've just started period 13. Would be really nice to chat as I don't know anyone else who's doing it!
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Hi Ashleigh, I am finding it quite difficult now too. I am on period 20 but some of the assessments, you have to do a few times rather than just the once (very annoying). maybe we can help each other?
Hi, I've applied for the technician course. What's the process?

I know there will be a screening test.

How are you tested for each module? Is it assignments or exams?
Hi im currently on the PTTP training. Just starting period 4. Feel like I know what I want to say but putting it down on paper is a different story. Would love to chat to people who are doing this course too.
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ive just had my EPA booked and i'm nervous about the 3 case studies they throw at you. anyone done their EPA and can help? TIA
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Hi, has anyone done the final assessment with portfolio presentation and 3 case studies? I have mine soon and feeling quite anxious!
Hi, I've literally just started the course and can't seem to find course introduction checklist. I've looked a few times, maybe I'm not looking in the right place?
Thank you

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