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Single parent, student finance, universal credit and housing benefit


Wondering if anyone could give me a little guidance here.

I am a lone parent to my son (3mnths) and I am currently receiving universal credit. I am due to start university in September and because of the distance away, I will have to move house (I currently live with my parents). I'm planning to move earlier than when I am about to start university so I can get settled and get my son settled in a nursery. When I find a suitable place to live, I will sign a tenancy and will apply for the housing component of universal credit.

My question is, when I tell universal credit that I have received the maintenance loan from student finance in September, will the housing component be stopped? If I only have the maintenance loan to live from and have to pay my rent with that, it would be impossible for me to go to university.. but then I would have already signed a tenancy at that stage and then I'd be in trouble financially.

I asked universal credit how things would go but I didn't receive a straight answer. I'm thinking the amount I receive from student finance will be taken off the whole amount of universal credit I receive including the housing component?

Has anyone got any experience with this? Any help would be grately appreciated.

Thank you.
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Hi, I see you had no responses but wanted to ask what happened with your situation? I am in the same kind of situation and wondering if I can make it work with UC/student finance
Hi I would like to know also! I’m not sure who to speak to UC, an advisor etc . If you had an update please let me know also :smile:

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