Is ppe at kcl worth it?

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Hey guys,

I need some advice regarding my major decision.

But first, let me explain my situation:

I am currently living in Germany (But I am from South Korea; I moved to Germany when I was 12 and did my Abitur there) and I applied in January for PPE course at KCL, LSE, UCL and Warwick. I also applied for Philosophy and Economy at a German university called Uni Bayreuth.
While I got an offer form Bayreuth and KCL, I got rejected by LSE and UCL. I am still waiting for the response form Warwick. I was originally aiming to get in LSE.

However, the question rising is due to expensive oversees tuition fee plus expensive living costs in London makes me reconsider about studying at KCL since I must not anticipate any financial support such as scholarships because there are not many in place especially for international students.

On the one hand I must say studying and living in London must be really some experience plus there are probably a plenty of opportunities for attractive internships. What is more is of cause the reputation that KCL has for further uni or occupational career compared to that in Bayreuth which is somehow dull. And another pro for KCL is that it offers a great deal of flexibility regarding subjects combination since I am not sure which I would like the most. In case of Bayreuth I would have to go with Philo and Econ and at the most I would some room to specify within those subjects.

On the other hand as I mentioned above the expenditure for studying in Bayreuth would be nearly zero although it is therefore less fancy for experiences and opportunities and also less flexibility compared to London. What I also considered is that I would go abroad for Master for there are much more scholarships available. I heard that Undergraduate is not as much important as Graduate and Postgraduate but I don’t know if this is true (opinions?)

What I would like to know is in short:

Is PPE at KCL worth doing considering all costs? Is there someone who has made some experiences with PPE at KCL or KCL in general regarding further outlook for career in education and occupation later on? What would be your advice or opinion?

I would appreciate any opinion, insight and advice for this is pretty important decision for me personally!!

Thanks a lot and excuse my wordiness and language mistakes if there are some :-)

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