Physical attraction and age, question for guys

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Say you are out and about somewhere, what might be the age of the oldest woman who could make you look twice because she is attractive.. what age would you not be drawn to look again if you know what I mean
Also what body part ie face, legs etc would you be drawn to
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I can only say this is subjective to each individual - have you ever looked at the back of someone cycling along and going fast, cycling very well. They are thin as a bean pole and fit as fire riding along. You assume from their profile they are in their twenties and when you look at them from the front they are 60+ Strange isn't it how our outlook can be blown apart.

Only you know what is your personal cut off age. For some people age is no bar, others they want 2 or 3 years above their own age max. It is the brain wave length and outlook that matters, once you have a 'connect' and a spark between you? It is hard to see age as an issue once you have that. Relationships are built on reward, what each of you get for pairing up. That is the issue.

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