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Is my teacher marking my work unfairly??

(edited 1 year ago)
Sorry, but I feel as though they might be right - as much as the content is correct, your evaluation isn't the greatest - you either don't develop it beyond a simple sentence (as with your paragraph on primary and secondary deviance) or you go too much off topic (as with your paragraph on the social construction of crime --> you are right in that left realists criticise labelling theory, but then you have a whole paragraph dedicated to left realism's view on policing when the question is on labelling theory - a brief sentence just stating for example 'left realists criticise labelling theory for not offering real solution to crime. Unlike left realists, who offer solutions such as community policing, it can be seen that labelling theorists make no obvious recommendations on how to decrease the scale of crime based on their research.'

Hope this helped :smile:

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