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Q3 P1 Hartop 2019 - Please Mark this :)

The exposition immediately draws the focus in on a “A Ford motor-van” that has “Jos. Hartop, greengrocer, rabbits’” written onto it; although the reader is yet to find out who its for and the context, it can be suggested that this van is of importance and makes a vital part of the not yet introduced characters lives. The writer then cinematically shifts the notion of the “old and re-painted” van to the “Rain” and “half-darkness” setting, invoking the sense that this van constantly sees difficult weather conditions, although its rundown dilapidated self, implying that the owners of this van are perhaps poor, and that this van is an important part of their livelihood. The fact that the characters are yet to be introduced invites the sense of mystery and curiosity, allowing the reader to speculate about them.

Furthermore, the first sentence of the next paragraph, which introduces the family, only describes hartop, and hartop alone : “Hartop was driving” this suggests that perhaps hartop is the most important member of this family, which may connote that the Hartops have an internal family hierarchy, with Hartop at the top. This is emphaisied when the focus is shifted to the collective description of both his “wife and his daughter” suggesting their inferiority in comparison to him. This effect may create sympathy for his wife and daughter invitng the reader to build an odium for mr Hartop, as this shift may suggest that he looks down on his daughter and wife, however for other readers who were aware of the gender divide in the 1930s this effect may be more neutral.

if its possible could someone please mark this and/or tell me where to improve please, id be super grateful :smile: <3

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