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How to salvage my a levels

So I was depressed throughout yr12 and everything felt like a blur but it’s in the past so doesn’t matter. I was at a real low throughout yr12 and had mocks two weeks ago. I can’t lie it was a wake up call as it showed how bad my mental health was as I was just sleeping throughout the chemistry exam after the 4th question and couldn’t be asked and later not turning up for my 2nd maths paper and 2nd biology paper. I have seeked councilling from the school and I’ve been hittin the gym and fixin my sleep schedule and just making small consistent progress. But right now my a levels are down the drain I do bio chem maths and my grades are C(bio) E(chem) D(maths). We have finished all the content in yr12 and are starting yr13 content but since I’ve been through a rough path I dunno where to start . The problem is I need to keep up with the class while also trying to learn all the yr12 stuff. I have around 7 weeks till the summer holiday and I’m just tryna improve my mental health and catch up on my a levels till then so I can get ahead off the class and start showing my real talent. Right now I dunno how to split the workload like I have 7 days in a week. Also I dunno how to revise bio chem properly like this is what I was told to do and can you tell me if it’s good. Write notes and go through the content, do exam questions open book, memorise the notes through flashcards,do the exam questions again.

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Ok so in year 12 I was getting Us and Ds for bio, and was able to turn those into C/Bs this year (and im hoping for a C in my bio a level) and I found what really helped was making notes on biology before the lesson so I could actually listen to what my teachers where saying instead of stressing about it. I can send you some aqa bio notes if you need, and i know a load of super useful websites. I would also recommend starting revising super early (only like 20 mins a day to start) so it's not too much of a shock when exam season hits. Remember that any a level grade is amazing as they are super hard!
Websites I recommend : and

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