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Soundtracks that capture the power of nature (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

Slightly late this week, as they still haven't posted the official title for this week's episode... but we have a theme, at least!

Baby Queen takes us on a wander through soundtracks for video games that capture the awesome power of nature, including music from Firewatch, Death Stranding and Flower.

Listen to the latest episode here (available from 02:00, Saturday 14/5/22)

Remember, you can suggest ideas for future episodes of Gameplay, either below or in our theme suggestion thread here, and you could hear them come to life on BBC Sounds!
Listening to this now~
Stardew Valley - Spring (The Valley Comes Alive): Pleasant intro.

Firewatch - Prologue: Okay, but it didn't really hold my attention.

Town by the Lake - Theme: Really nice.

A Short Hike - See You At The Top: Started off a bit electronic-sounding for a nature themed tune, IMO, but it changed quickly!

Lost Ember - Finally in Reach: Alright orchestral track.

Death Stranding - Flower of Fingers: FAR more dark and dramatic orchestral track!

Eastshade - The Tiffmoor Bluffs: Beautiful.

Equilinox - Low-Poly Dream: Alright.

Flower - Sailing to the Wind: Not bad.

Walden, A Game - More Day to Dawn: Sounded similar to the last few at first, but it grew on me a lot.

Civilisation VI - The Industrial Era (Mali): Haven't played VI, but this franchise always has good music, this track being no exception. Interesting that it's an Industrial Era track though, I'd have thought an earlier one would be more nature-sounding.

Donkey Kong Country - Main Theme: Jazzy!

Not my favourite of the recent playlists, but that's just personal preference. Good mix of tracks and game genres, as usual. :smile:
And here's my recommendation for this theme:

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