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English Literature Last Minute Revision

Hey guys!
I have my AS Level English lit exams on the 17th and wanted to check if anyone has any last minute revision techniques. I study A Streetcar Named Desire and Doctor Faustus under the theme of Tragedy. I’ve done endless amounts of essay planning and actually wrote out a few of them. Just wanted to check if anyone had any other ways I can ensure I get that A.
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I studied for my AS English Lit the night before the exam, and got an A. I also did A Streetcar Named Desire!

You sound like you're pretty prepared already! More prepared than I was anyways. I would say just make sure you have numerous quotes per character and per theme memorised, you most likely do if you've done a lot of essay plans/essays. Make sure you also have a few obscure techniques that your teacher will likely have mentioned as well as context, which is heavily important. Try incorporate at least a bit of context in each paragraph.

Also definitions! Such as a tragic hero, etc. If your question includes it, or you want to make a point about it, it's always preferred if you have a definition which you can use to validate your point. Or, if it's in the question, it's good to have the definition to use in your introduction. I suspect you know this already, though.

As long as you understand the play, have quotations, context, techniques and include arguments and counter-arguments whilst conveying your point strongly, I'd say you've banked an A already. You sound super prepared already so don't stress, just trust yourself. Hard work will reward you.
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Thanks so much for the tips, I really appreciate it! And yessss, I hope it really will reward me. Have a great day!

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