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Lancaster University International Yead Abroad


I'm currently in my final year of college, soon to sit my final exams.
I have accepted an offer from Lancaster University for History (BA Hons) with a year abroad.
I have a few questions for those who have done something like this.
How long is the actual year? Is it an academic year or a normal year?
When during the second year do you travel abroad?
Does the university sort accommodation, visa, etc for you or do you have to do it yourself?
Any other relevant info in general about going away for a year abroad for uni would also be very helpful. In particular I'm thinking about going for the year abroad to Canada, McMaster University, as it's listed on the website and I have a strong interest in possibly migrating to Canada in the far future.
Know you are asking for others experience, but sounds like you really need to check with the Uni, these are quite specific questions - just reach out to the admissions team

In terms of how long a year out is, it depends if its a work placement year or study year

Study years follow the timescales of the institution you are at. Placements vary but 12 calendar months is common - starting June or September depending on the organisation - so you get a holiday before or after

You normally sort your own Visa but Uni will help - if you don't have a passport you might want to do that sooner rather than later (lots of delays)

Canada is points based immigration, not sure that includes previous work experience but definitely worth going - to make contacts for the future and see if you like it
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