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Hey I was wondering, does anyone have any advice on choosing between King's or SA for Psychology? No one from my school applied to SA but me so it seems a bit daunting but also I'm not too sure on the whole separated campus life King's has..
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Hey, good for you making a different choice from the norm in your school. Lots of people would argue strongly for both those Unis, and chances are you will have an awesome time whichever you go to. Consider, do you want a big city feel or a smaller city feel? St A's is very much a student town - it is one of the easiest universities to make new friends in, partly because of the tradition of academic families so new students get adopted by those in years above, making settling in smoother. Upsides there are a fabulous historic town, awesome scenery and country around it, being by the sea, fab cafes, pubs and restaurants, and the uni has innumerable societies and activities. Everything is pretty much within walking distance and you're an hour from Edinburgh via public transport (good for flights and trains). It's also good for black tie events if that's your thing. Downside is parking and that it's really, really cold sometimes in the winter.

Kings is a typical London uni with all the resources and pros and cons of London living. Both are top notch though and so it really is just a matter of what you have a better feel for. Have you visited St A's?

Good luck with your decision

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