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Contract law

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Is anyone any good at contract law who could give me some direction with a university level question at all?

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Hi, I'm quite conversant with contract law since I have a strong educational background in Criminology. Please send me the question.
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Original post by Tutor Jenna
Hi, I'm quite conversant with contract law since I have a strong educational background in Criminology. Please send me the question.

This is my question:

Apollo Jets (‘AJ’) is a small airline company that provides private chartered aircraft hire. Its owner,
Safin, is putting the company up for sale.
Nomi, who is interested in buying AJ, visits Safin at the airport on 1 February. On meeting Nomi,
Safin tells Nomi that even the Royal Family flies with AJ. Nomi is impressed. Safin does not mention
that, although the Royal Family has always flown with AJ, they have recently informed Safin that
they will be using a rival airline (Luna Jets) instead of AJ, from 1 March onwards.
When perusing the flight schedule, Nomi notices that all the flights are during the day. She tells
Safin that, if she buys AJ, she will want to introduce night flights too. Safin replies that he thinks this
would be very profitable. Safin does not mention that he has previously introduced night flights but
found that they were very unpopular as passengers did not like to travel at night. Safin shows Nomi AJ’s executive departure lounge. He tells her that he is hoping to install client
steam room facilities in the next month.
Finally, Safin and Nomi visit the hangars where the aircraft are kept. The two AJ helicopters are in a
very poor state of repair and are covered in rust. Earlier that day, when he heard that Nomi was
coming, Safin had covered the two helicopters with tarpaulin so that the rust would not be visible.
Nomi remarks approvingly on the care Safin takes of his helicopters by covering them with a
tarpaulin cover when not in use. Safin does not reply and swiftly changes the subject.
Nomi purchases AJ on 1 April for £200 million. On 2 April, Nomi is inspecting the aircraft and
helicopters and is shocked to discover that the helicopters are in such a poor condition. She has to
spend £4 million repairing them.
Nomi discovers that the client steam room facilities have not been installed in the departure lounge.
After meeting with Nomi, Safin discovered that the installation would prove too expensive and he
decided not to install them. Nomi is annoyed as she has included details of the steam rooms in the
new brochure which has already been printed. It will cost £7,000 to re-print the brochure.
Advise the parties as to any rights, liabilities and remedies which may arise in the law of

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