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nuclear questions physics help

how to work out the numbers and letters?
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Using a pencil of course! :u:
Just look at the top and bottom numbers and the numbers on the right side of the arrow should add up to those on the left side.

Write the missing numbers out first and then identify which particle it should be. e.g. (4,2) for alpha particle
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how to work out the numbers and letters?

imagine it is a maths sum
let's use question 1 as an example. look at the mass number, how do you get from 212 to 216 (216-212) which is 4 so the space empty has a mass number of 4. how do you get from 82 to 84 (84-82) it is 2 so that space^ has an atomic number of 2. okay so now we know what the digits are, you have to memorise the numbers for each radiation. alpha is a helium nuclei and it's 4 a 2, beta is a fast moving electron so it is 0 B -1 and gamma makes no difference
hope that helps, physics paper 1 thankfully is in july!, for aqa at least

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