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Asch (1951) line study - conformity
aim : to test conformity (pps were told it was to assess vision
123 pps - white american male undergraduates
sat second to last in a group of confederates
explains normative social influence

33% conformity rate , 75% conformed at least once , 25% never conformed , pps experienced stress such as nervous laughter and fidgeting
Group size : as group sizes increases , conformity increases
1-2 confederates - 13% conformity rate
3+ confederates - 33% conformity rate
Social support : the more people who agree with you the less likely you are to conform
given social support - conformity decreased to 5.5%
Task difficulty : the more difficult the task is the more likely you are to conform
asch made the differences between the lines smaller and conformity increased significantly

+ lab experiment - highly controlled - reduces extraneous variables
- artificial- lacks ecological validity
- lacks population validity - all male pps (gender bias)
- unethical - decieved by the aim and not protected from harm
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