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Does it matter that I haven't sent my application yet? watch

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    I've heard from people I know that all applications sent in by the deadline are given equal weight, and my friend's brother got the place he wanted after sending his application in January.

    But the tyrannical head of 6th form, English and shouting at my school is hunting down people who haven't sent their forms off. O.K., she wants us to be on time but she's also implying that it damages your chances the longer you leave it. Is this true?

    (Obviously not applying to Oxbridge)

    The opening line for my PS came to me just before I fell asleep last night. I've rewritten the whole thing now and I think it's much better. I will get some friends and family to proof-read it.

    Technically, you're right. All applications sent before the January deadline have equal consideration. However, obviously the earlier you send the earlier you'll hear back.

    Also, most schools have internal deadlines and I know those people who haven't sent theirs at my school are being badgered but that's because once you've finished with it the school need time to check it over, give it back if there're corrections to be made, check it over again, write your reference, give it one last check, send it and when almost everyone in the year is applying, all that takes time, especially when there is usually just one ucas co-ordinator responsible for them all. So that's most likely the reason your school want it quickly. If you don't hand it in to school until say the beginning of January you haven't left your school much time to do their part.

    It doesn't matter that much, but it is good to have sent it off early.
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    Thank you for your reassurance.
    @ Cool - congratulations on the UEA offer!

    The only flaw I see in your argument is that some universities actually consider the applications as soon as they have a batch to look through. I got paranoid, so I sent it off reeeeally soon so that I've got a better chance of getting a place - I'm worried my grades aren't enough :P If you still think that it isn't good enough, don't worry about it, you just need to be aware it's going to take a while to get out of your school, too

    People do receive offers before the January 15th deadline (strictly speaking they can do and have done from any time between Sept 15th and Jan 15th), but with the exception of Oxbridge or Med/Vet med/Dentistry universities have to keep enough places for after the final deadline; the number of offers they give out before then only represents a small proportion of the total they can/will.

    Think about it this way: they want the best students, so it would be foolish of them to give out the majority of their offers when they've only received a small sample of applications. Plenty of good students will apply just before Jan 15th, so there's nothing to worry about.


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