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What do you think will be the 8/16 markers in paper 1? AQA A Level Psychology

I think they'll be in memory and psychopathology - perhaps the memory models and biological explanations.

Don't think it'll be attachment as so much of the content is on the advanced information. There's not a lot on memory so definitely think a longer question will come up in that. And then I think there's probably more of a chance of another one coming up in psychopathology mainly because I'd say it's harder than social influence and social influence and memory are one after another in the paper.

What do you guys think? :smile: - this outlines what people recon the higher marked q are gonna be on
I personally think it'll be 16 markers on cognitive interview but be a STEM question & another 16 marker on biological explanations for OCD
Wait what do you mean by STEM question?
Original post by aviforsecrets
Wait what do you mean by STEM question?

questions that have a 'story' at the start of them - e.g.In a sixth form debating society, Samina is the only student in a group of six who does not
believe that drugs should be legalised.Using your knowledge of minority influence processes, explain two ways in which Samina
could convince the other students in the debating society to agree with her.
Ohh so AO2 lol - that's what we call them - or context questions.

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