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IGCSE edexcel or IGCSE CIE

Hi! Which board is easier for IGCSE english, mathematics and biology?
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Original post by Menali Ann
Hi! Which board is easier for IGCSE english, mathematics and biology?

Hi! I take iGCSE Edexcel Maths and Bio and CIE English Language.

Maths: I don't find the topics very challenging but there are the last 3 or 4 questions at the end of the paper which can be really tricky and need a strong conceptual understanding of topics and often an ability to accurately replace numbers with algebra in complex equations.

Biology: Edexcel igcse sciences are some of the highest level i/GCSEs you can take, and much of the bio course taps into A level content (especially protein synthesis). Overall I find the exams relatively straightforward and it's mostly about rote learning the key words, and the questions are fairly formulaic and repetitive.

CIE English Language: Oddly this is the most formulaic GCSE I take, and especially the entirety of paper 1 is just a set structure you need to learn to do well. I don't find it tricky, and my school had actually only started teaching us any English language only a few months before the actual GCSE. If you're good at English lit analysis and enjoy composition then you'll find it a breeze.
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Thanks very much! Very helpful info! Thankfully, I'll be able to decide soon since I need to buy the proper course materials. Thanks very much again!!
We use Edexcel for these subjects, opting for spec B rather than spec A for English Language as there's no anthology to learn, and it's one single paper.
CIE i guess coz that's what I'm doing now
what's edexcel like?
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idk what edexcel is like :frown: I've just started prepping for gcses. but from what i've seen on past papers, edexcel seems to be much harder for bio

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