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Website tells me to do it on paper and on the paper, it tells me to do it on the onli

My living status in the UK is "re-settled". So when I was applying online, it lead me to a pdf file which I printed out and was followed the instructions. The pdf form is "EU/22N/2223/A". I got to section 3a which asked me if I am a family member of an UK national. I tick "Yes" and then it asks me "were you and your UK national family member living: in the UK on 31 December 2020, after moving to the UK from the EEA or Switzerland on or after 1 January 2018" which I tick "Yes" and it says "you should apply for full support go to

I'm not sure what to do, should I just send off the form or can it be done online? There was no question online that asked if I was a family member of a UK national...

Another question: I'm currently applying to change my status to "re-settled" (I'm eligible now) but I'm not sure if I can get it in time and get the loan so I need to at least get the tuition fee first.

Can I apply for maintenance loan after I get the tuition fee loan? I'm only eligible for tuition fee at the moment but I should be eligible for maintenance loan after my status change but I'm not sure if I can double apply for the loan..

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