Got blocked but still messages me????

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I had been talking to a girl for around 8 months but over a month ago she blocked me on iMessage and Telegram. She was a very important person to me so it was hard to accept i got blocked but i assumed i was blocked everywhere. This was until my birthday which was a couple of days ago i got a message from her wishing me a happy birthday and saying she hopes i have a good day. Since then she has been sending me messages like before at least 1 or 2 a day. Problem i have is that i love talking to her so much that i am struggling not to bring up the fact she blocked and ignored me for a month because i know if i mention it ill probably get blocked or whatever. Why would she show interest in talking to me when she blocked me for over a month? Like i am just struggling to understand it should i say something to her? I am still blocked on both of the apps yet she messages me daily on WhatsApp at least once since my birthday. what should i do?
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Hmm, if you like her, I'd not mention it but be cautious as she might do it again which will result in you getting hurt again. 👍
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