Was he just trying to get laid ?

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Hello !
I recently met a guy in a bar, we talked for a while and then he told me that he thinks I'm cute and he wants to see me again so we exchanged numbers. He was going to a techno club and wanted me to go with him but I told him that I don't like techno so I didn't go. So he left and me and my friends went to another club, later that night he texted me asking where we were cause he wants to see me. He was on his way to come join us but I was already in an Uber so I told him we can see each other tomorrow or another time, and he said yes tomorrow.
So the day after he texted me and we agreed to meet on the evening for a drink.
We met and the date sent smoothly, we talked and talked, and he was very curious about my personality type and all. At some point he told me that he wanted to kiss me and we did kiss. We kept talking afterwards and then he invited me over for Netflix and chill, i dismissed it. We kissed goodbye and I went home.
He didn't text me at all that night. to check if I got home or anything.
The day after, same, no sign. I texted him to ask him if he wants to have dinner together on Wednesday and he took 4 hours to answer me, he said that it could be possible, and that he'll confirm it to me. Today the whole day I haven't heard from him either. Tomorrow is Wednesday so I don't know if he'll confirm it tomorrow or not.
My question is I find his behaviour not interested after the first date. The date went really good and he even opened up to me about his depression and mood swings, I don't think this is the kinda stuff you share with someone you just want to **** ?
I don't know how to explain his behaviour. Was he just looking to get laid and discouraged when he saw that it's not happening right away ?
Or is there a possible other reason ?
Cuz when we were setting the date, he first suggested we have a drink at his place. I told him that I don't like the idea of going directly to his place, he wrote two paragraphs to explain to me that he just wanted us to chillw that it wasn't an invitation for sex. I mean if all he was looking for is sex wouldn't this reaction tell him that it's not happening tonight ? Why go on with a date ?
I ask you guys because I like him a lot, i rarely connect with someone like I connected to him and I don't understand his behaviour.
Is it possible that he somehow likes me too and is acting this strange way for a reason ?

Plz help of you're a guy or a girls who's been on this situation before

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TBH, it sounds like he was just looking to bang you (sorry about the crude term).

Let's look at the facts...

1) you met him at a bar and he wanted to go to another club with you;
2) he tried to meet up with you later that evening but couldn't;
3) He suggested a date AT HIS PLACE, but settled for a conventional date;
4) immediately after the date you had, he invited you back to his place...
5) ...and now after at least three attempts to get into your panties, it seems he can't be asked to even acknowledge most of your calls / texts, let alone reply.

Facts speak for themselves really, no?

As a guy, I'll let you into a secret:- guys can tell all sort of BS to a girl if they want to shag them (all that stuff he opened up to you with may or may not be true, but IMHO he was using that as a weapon in his arsenal). As bad as it sounds, a lot of guys don't respect girls who "give it up" to them too easily (I mean, they won't see you as Girlfriend or "wifey" material... but they'll still have you on speed-dial whenever they're feeling horny) .

To protect your hopes and feelings, it's best not to get any ideas about "Us" until you've had AT LEAST 3 dates, then you'll get some idea on whether it's going anywhere with Prince Charming. Most genuine couples don't have sex until about they've been dating for at least 4-6 weeks, so use that as a guide. He may try it on a couple of times, but if he really likes you, he'll respect your decision to wait.

Hope that helps
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